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I am interested in the context and connotations that historical masterpieces have when viewed in the twenty first century. I especially try to explore this through the removal of characters in these paintings, to see how our perceptions of them change.

In this painting by Caravaggio Supper at emmaus (1601) I decided to remove Christ from the painting to see how the composition and connotations of the image changed. In the 17th century it would have been much more obvious to the average viewer that this was a scene from the Bible. I think it is (arguably) much less obvious in the 21st century. I find it interesting that with the central image removed, it raises the question of the relevancy of religion in general in the technological society of the self that we seem to inhabit.

This is called the Calling of St Matthew also by Caravaggio. There have been questions asked about who the chap is pointing at, whether himself or one of the men to the left of him, so I decided that he could be pointing at anyone. This is my friend Geraint Morgan dressed in his androgynous guise.